Bluetooth Enabled Travelling Styling Content Creation Station with Phone Holder + Lock


LED Lighted Travelling Beauty Content Creation Station with Phone Holder for Styling Educators + Lock, Wheels

Is it a travel case for stylists? Yes. Can it be a barber case? Also Yes. But it's SO. MUCH. MORE

(Photo credit to professional photographer Quincy Hou for helping us with professional product photos; all photos of this amazing case used on our ecom site and social media are taken by Quincy!)

This amazing hybrid styling educator or beauty influencer content creation station carries all the appliances and goods like makeup or styling tools and equipment you need in a locked case with wheels and a sturdy handle to take on the go.

Perfect for Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok content creation this stand also comes with 3 different tones of LED light as well as Bluetooth with speakers to listen to your music while you're creating content for yourself or creating looks for clients.

User Manual Download [PDF]


Description: LED Lighted Travelling Beauty Content Station with Phone Holder for content creation + Lock, Wheels

  • Item #: 791580
  • Sleek Black Case
  • Bluetooth Connectivity for Music
  • 1 Mobile Phone Holder
  • 3 Different Warmth LED Lights
  • 4 Universal Attachable Wheels
  • 4 Telescoping Adjustable Stand Legs
  • Telescoping Leg Bag
  • Heavy Duty Handle 
  • Makeup Brush Holder
  • Power Cord
  • Set of Keys
  • Hair Dryer Jack
  • Power Cord Jack
  • USB Interface
  • 9 Case Dividers:4 2.8 in x 3.1 in dividers, 4 10.1 in x 2.8 in dividers
  • 19.8 in x 14.1 in x 9.2 in
  • Weight 19.8 pounds
case accessories

Care Guide + Usage Warnings

Installing Telescopic Legs

  • Safely place the bottom of the makeup case facing up so leg sockets are visible.
  • Remove one piece of the telescoping leg from the bag labeled "legs" at a time. Connect the end of the leg to the socket at an angle, then rotate the leg clockwise until it is tightly fixed and doesn't shake.
  • Once all four legs are securely fixed on the makeup case, locate the height adjustment button on each leg.
  • Depress the height adjustment pin while extending the lower part of the leg to adjust its height.
  • Ensure that the height of all four legs is the same for proper stability and balance.


Installing attachable wheels

  • To install the wheels, press the button to push the component into place.
  • To remove, press the button and pull out the wheel.

Case Dividers

The dividers in the makeup case are designed to be easily removable and can be freely combined according to your preferences and needs.

LED Lights 

  • Locate the power cord; Plug the power cord into the socket and the switch on the mirror will light up
  • Press the lightbulb icon button once to turn on, press 3 times to turn off.

  • Brightness Control: Long-press the lightbulb icon button to control brightness
  • Light Color/Warmth Control: Once turned on, press the lightbulb icon to switch through the various light color warmths.

Bluetooth Controls

  • Touch the "Bluetooth" button. This will activate the Bluetooth mode, and you'll hear a voice saying "Bluetooth mode." The blue light indicator will start blinking.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your phone.
  • Search for the Bluetooth name "A8."
  • On your iPhone or Android device, click on "Not Connected" for iPhone or "A8" for Android to connect. You'll hear a voice saying "Connected" when the connection is successful.

Music Player Control

  • To increase volume, long-press the button until it reaches the maximum level, and it will beep. To skip to the next, short press this button.
  • To decrease volume, long press this button, quickly touch the button to go back one song.
  • To pause the music, touch this button. When Bluetooth is disconnected, you will hear "Disconnected" as a reminder.
  • To turn off Bluetooth, long-press the button. You will hear a voice saying "Power off," and the indicator light will turn off.

Additional Plug

  •  located on the right side of the top cover, which can be used for connecting other appliances.

Phone Holder Assembly

  • Align the bottom screw of the phone holder with the corresponding screw hole on the case cover. Tighten it in a clockwise direction to secure the phone holder in place. 


  • Before using the trays, ensure that you remove the protective paper from the acrylic cover.
  • This product is designed to work with voltage ratings between 110V to 250V, with a maximum wattage of 2000W
  • The LED lights may become hot during usage, posing a risk of scalding. Please avoid touching them while they're hot. Allow the LED to cool down before attempting any replacements. Switch off the power supply and wait for the LED to cool before closing the case cover.
  • After using high-power electrical appliances like a hairdryer, remember to unplug them immediately to avoid accidents resulting from overheating or prolonged use due to negligence.
  • In the event of smoke or fire and if the cause is unknown, do not attempt to pull the plug with your hand. Instead, cut off the power supply using an insulator to unplug the product, and then seek help from a professional technician.
  • Avoid shaking the support stand or case body, as it may lead to the makeup case falling down or getting damaged and creating a safety risk.

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