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Please view our shipping policies in detail here.

IMPORTANT: We regret to inform you that we will be forced to charge our customers full shipping and return charges for all orders returned to us by the carrier due to incorrect addresses received from customers or because the place of business or delivery location was closed, or because the customer wasn't available to accept delivery.

Please help us process and ship your orders smoothly by carefully double-checking your shipping information is ALL correct.

Answer: Yes!

We offer both local Los Angeles County delivery on orders over $1000, and offer free pickup at our warehouse, but the pick up time MUST BE SCHEDULED IN ADVANCE,and the order paid for online.

Answer: Yes, we can ship internationally, but not to every country from our online shop.

If your country isn't included in our ecom shipping range, you can become a professional customer if you're a business.

Please call us to place your international order at: 888-424-7278. We accept prepayment with credit cards (Amex, VISA, MC, Discover Card), and bank wire transfer.

We DO NOT ship to frieght forwarders.

Duties and taxes will be freight collect at the customer’s responsibility and will be due upon delivery by the carrier before receiving the packages.



We offer free basic shipping on orders placed in the contiguous 48 states on orders over $150.

This does NOT include orders with multiple items including tripods.

Answer:Generally, we can process and ship out orders in 1-2 days and generally the same day it is received, if your order is received before 2:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.

We do not ship on Saturday or Sundays so if you place an order after 2 p.m. on a Friday, your order will ship next business day (Monday) unless it's a national holiday.


We require a $5,000 to $10,000 non-refundable buy-in of inventory to drop-ship, and we add the costs into the purchase price.

Shopping Basics: Payment & Pricing Topics

While we do ship to other countries, all our prices are always shown and charged in U. S. dollars.

Our usual Salon tier minimum order is $200, but we'll allow less than that for online orders. HOWEVER, there is a $15.00 shopping minimum. (Minimum online order rate can change without notice, but we'll try to make sure we give a head-up to those of you on our mailing list)

Explaining the Authorization and Capture Process:

Q1. How do I know when my account will be charged?

Answer: The first step of an online Credit Card Purchase is the Authorization Step.

This is when you enter your Credit Card information and place your order online and get emailed a receipt.

When our gateway checks your card for all the fraud issues and finds it to be a good card, your bank then immediately places a hold on the funds in your account and sets those funds aside for the online shop.

We, our bank, does not yet get the funds, but your account appears to have been charged and you cannot access those funds.

The money is being held by YOUR bank until the Capture Stage which we never reach if your order was declined or voided.

Q2. What is the Capture Stage?

Answer: The Capture Stage is when we (the online shop) actually get the funds from your bank and transfer them into ours.

This happens only on the day that your order ships.

The funds that were authorized and set aside for us are then collected by us, and we send you your item.

Q3. What's the point of that system?

Answer: The point of the Authorization-Capture Process is to protect both you and the online store.

Your bank shows your account as charged so you that consider those funds as gone, yet we don't get them until they day we ship so that we never have your money without immediately sending you your product.

Also we never ever have your Credit Card information on file. Once you place your order, your personal information is protected so that even we cannot look at it.

Q4. Why do I need to know this?

Answer: For several reasons, but mostly so you don't panic, and also so we can help you with YOUR bank if we need to.


Our gateway, or the program / bank resource that checks your credit card's address and other information for validity is often much stricter than your bank.

In some cases, you will try to place an order with us, but the order will be declined because some information you gave us didn't match what the central gateway has on file for you.

Maybe you moved recently and the banks still have your old address on file, maybe your CCV code was worn and you mis-read it, any of those cases will result in a DECLINE by our merchant account.

Once you order is declined, we no longer have any access to your credit card details and all our account shows us is a "Declined" message.

We can't go in at a later time and capture these funds; they're gone to us for good.


Your bank may show transactions like these (ones declined by our gateway for security reasons but that your bank allowed), as well as orders placed then cancelled as "Authorizations" meaning they (YOUR BANK) are freezing these funds (Take comfort, in this situation we don't have your money, nor have access to it!).

Uncaptured Authorizations fall off in a few to 30 days in general.

If you need that money freed up for personal use sooner, we can’t do this on our own.



Answer: Yes, we do.

If you want to place volume orders (over 20 of the same item / containers etc.) Please fill out a distributor application then contact us at 1-888-424-7278 and speak to a customer service representative to help you place an order.

You can also send an e-mail inquiry to

Answer:Yes! We offer flash deals via SMS and email if you're signed up to accept emails from us.


Hairart offers a limited 12-month warranty on appliances from the date of purchase.

This limited time warranty is only valid with the original sales receipt including the date and location of purchase.

Please also see:

"Warranty Information" which will address our warranty guidelines and how to submit a warranty claim.

You may also register your product online by visiting our Product Registrationand filling out a form.

Our return policy can be found here: Return Policy.

Our online returns page for orders placed online can be found here: Online Returns


First, click on the link forRepair Service.

Click on the link to download the form,‘Fill Out A Service Request’, fill it out completely, and follow the instructions on the form.

If your HairArt appliance is out of warranty, you can still download and submit a“Non-Warranty Service Repair Form”from our website.

Joewell Shears / Scissors Sharpening Service by HairArt

IMPORTANT: After purchasing this service, please follow instructions carefully! We cannot be responsible for scissors shipped to us without the proper paperwork and packaging!

WARNING: Color coating on color coated shears may chip during sharpening. 

So you need to get your Joewell Scissors sharpened?

As an authorized Joewell distributor in the U.S., we're happy to announce our after-care service to keep your amazing Joewell scissors sharp and ready to use.

We have teamed up with precision scissor service professional, Brent Kitaoka of Infinity Scissor Service, to do all after-service sharpening on your Joewell Scissors.

Mr. Kitaoka started Infinity Scissor Service after resigning as Director of Technical Services for a world-famous Scissor Factory.

Buy quality, maintain quality.

How to:

1.Buy the sharpening service here.

2.Take photos and email them to us to make sure they're Joewell original shears that we can service.

3.Send the scissors to our warehouse, we will email you the shipping address via the email you enter on the order.


3a. Use only shipping services with insurance and tracking.


3b. Use a secure padded envelope for shipping.

4. Write the order number on the package (starts with an HA-) as well as include the receipt with the scissors so we can track and service your scissors.5. Make sure the "shipping" address on this order is where we will be sending the scissors back to.

The link to buy the service is here:

Joewell Shear Sharpening Service


No, but some are 110/220 volts, please see our assortment of Travel / dual voltage appliances.

Most of our products are made in China.

Joewell Shears are made in Japan or hand-finished in Japan, it will say on the specific product. Some products are made in Korea or Thailand.

We trade and manufacture ethically, and have tight control of QC.

Yes, we do.

Please send your request to our customer service department at 888-424-7278 or via our Contact Form

Human hair extensions questions

Generally you can wear them 8-12 weeks or up to 3 months.

We recommend using new hair to ensure quality, fresh-looking hair, but because our hair is of such high quality, they can be re-applied up to three times.

It is recommended to have your hair extensions applied and re-applied by a licensed cosmetologist.

You can wash and condition the hair extensions as you normally would your own hair.

Condition hair starting from the mid-shaft to the tips.

While holding hair at the ends, carefully brush/comb through hair and gradually work your way up.

Also, it’s a good idea to braid your hair or put your hair in a ponytail before you go to bed to avoid tangled hair in the morning and less tension during brushing/combing.

We recommend using shampoos / conditioners that are sulfate free.

Avoid using serums near the tape-in bonds to prevent the extensions from slipping out. Y

ou can also use dry shampoos.


Yes, our hair can be color lifted or deposited, highlighted, ironed, curled, blow dried, and you can even add a perm treatment.

Remember, these are human hair extensions!

We also have a selection of wavy hair extensions to choose from.


Yes, you can re-apply our hair extensions up to 3x maximum, however, we recommend a new set to be installed to ensure a fresh top quality look.

We recommend installations of all our hair extensions to be performed by a licensed hair professional.


Yes, you can swim with our hair extensions on.

For blonde and light brown shade extensions, we recommend wetting your hair with fresh tap water and pre-treating your hair with a primer prior to swimming activities to prevent or minimize discoloration from chlorine or salt water.

A good pre-treatment to use is Hairart’s Moisture Healing Mask.

Also, it’s a good idea to put your hair in a ponytail or braid to avoid tangling / matting during water activities.

HAir mannequin related questions

Please watch our video on Facebook explaining how to accurately measure mannequin hair length.


For balayage practice, we recommend our mannequin heads that are100% Virgin European Hair, such as EMMA HAIR MANNEQUINand EMILY HAIR MANNEQUIN.

Their Virgin European hair has never been processed or colored in any way and are guaranteed to achieve, true color results.

Emma and Emily are the preferred choice by Educators because they can confidently perform, without problems, a color lift or deposit, highlight, balayage, color melt, add a perm treatment, and demonstrate cutting and razor techniques.

OLIVIA HAIR MANNEQUIN is 100% European hair, and we’ve perfectly processed her hair for you to a color level-10 so you don’t have to and can go straight away to color deposit. and BIANCA HAIR MANNEQUIN starts at a perfect level 60 for immediate color deposit practice in vivid colors or pastels.

Human Hair Related Questions


Hair Mannequins:

We use 100% Human Hair on many of our mannequins.

These include the following types of human hair and human hair mixes;

Unprocessed European Hair, European Hair, Remy Human Hair, Human / Yak Hair Mix.

Hair lengths from 10” – 15” are made using 100% Virgin European Hair.

16” and longer are made using first quality Remy hair.

Remy hair is the term used for first quality Asian hair that has the hair cuticle still intact and facing the same direction. Some Remy hair may also have been processed to achieve a specific color level.

Answer: Virgin European hair is human hair (generally shades of brown and blonde) that has never been colored or processed in any way with the cuticle still intact and facing the same direction.


Item #4220 Double Density Hair Mannequinhas more hair density than Item #4222 Hair Mannequin.

Both are ideal for practicing up-do’s, braiding techniques, cutting, styling, and color deposit techniques.


Contact us online or via phone, 888.HAIRART (888.424.7278) during business hours (8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m P.S.T.) or via messenger on social media.

We will respond during business hours Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. p.s.t.