If your HairArt appliance is more than one year old, send this form, including $30.00 (USD) service fee plus $10.00 (USD) for shipping

and handling. HairArt will assess the damages, and in the event that the Repair Service Team is unable to make the necessary repairs, we’ll mail

back a complete refund along with your appliance. We reserve the right to replace some products with similar items when the original defective product

has been discontinued or is no longer being used. (Please do not send in any appliances that are not manufactured by HairArt)


  1. Fill out a Service Request
    Complete and print the Service Request form > Click here
  2. Choose a Method of Payment
    Check / Money Order
  3. Ship
    Send your appliance along with the paperwork to the address on the form.

Was your appliance purchased within the last twelve months?
Call us to check if your appliance is still under warranty.

Read more about Warranty Guidelines