Christiana Sayyah: filling the world with joy, one appointment at a time

Featured as one of Modern Salon's Top 100 Stylists when she only had 4 years in the industry, Christiana is the vivid color specialist and educator behind Glitter & Geeks Salon in Marietta, GA. We had a quick chat back in 2021 about her likes, dislikes and predictions for the hair industry. You can check her work on Instagram @glitter_artist, and make an appointment on the Glitter & Geeks website. Enjoy!


Portrait of Christiana Sayyah, hairstylist. She has long blonde hair and is dressed as the characted Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter franchise.

How long have you been a stylist?
5 years.

Where do you work/What are your hours?
I work out of Glitter & Geeks Salon Suite in Marietta, Ga. My salon is open Tuesday-Sunday weekly.
What's your favorite HairArt product and why?
I love HairArt mannequins! My favorite is Bianca because of her perfect, icy blonde canvas!

What do you love most about our industry?
I love the creativity of our industry and that styles are always changing. This keeps my artistic mind fuelled and motivated!

What do you predict for our industry this year?
Wow, what a question. I hope to continue to see change with diversity within brands and leadership. I can see more stylist's working privately this year, and more vivid color requests coming in. With Covid, I've seen a surge in vivid hair requests because more people are working from home and aren't as restricted with their haircolor.

What's your favorite technique?  
Rainbow Highlights is my go to technique, but I think I love colormelting most.

What tip(s) would you give new stylists, or you wish you had known sooner?
Such a great question! This one is tough because for me, I have to usually learn things the hard way. Going through the experience of learning makes me appreciate the lesson more. I will say a piece of advice I have for any new stylist is to follow your heart. Your true passion will never lead you down a path where you don't belong. For me that meant trusting my gut when working with others and feeling confident enough to know and enforce my limitations. Working hard, being consistent, and practicing (on mannequins, wink wink) will make your goals a reality!

What one thing do you DREAD to hear from a client's mouth?
Haha hmm...that they don't like Harry Potter...just kidding! I would say anything negative that is insensitive to others. I love getting real with my people and discussing our lives, don't get me wrong. I just prefer if my client's are open minded and accepting. 

A little bit of Christiana's work:


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