HairArt Distributors Portal

IMPORTANT! Please bookmark this page, it's not a link available to retail consumers.

Hello HairArt Distributors

Thank you for being what makes us strong, we're always looking for site function feedback, as well as feedback on what new products you'd like to see from us to sell to your clients or stock in your shops.

 We are now be rolling out online purchasing at your price level!

TIP: Shipping may have to be billed separately, no Free shipping under $750 / $1000 (Depending on shipping location, free retail shipping at $150 is only available to retail pricing customers)


-Shop online at 24/7 at YOUR price level.-

Hello Distributors, to create an online account, please follow these instructions;

1. Create an online account here on our shop:
TIP: Having an account with us doesn't automatically set up the online account, that needs you to set it up!)

GIVE US THE EMAIL ADDRESS associated with the online account and let us know you want to be activated as a distributor account here on our ecom shop.

Once we turn it on, your prices will be shown at your distributor levels!

[IMPORTANT] We will be proactively working to help you maintain the profitability of HairArt products, by not allowing unauthorized vendors to resell on eBay or Amazon, or to sell below an established M.A.P. We would appreciate any feedback about any undercutting third-party sellers.  All information will be kept STRICTLY confidential. Contact us via web form

[Current Distributor Deals: Spring 2023]

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