Hair Scissors Handles Guide: Offset, Semi-Offset, Classic, and Swivel + More

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Choosing the perfect hair cutting shears can be daunting, especially when considering the investment. Many opt for recommendations from peers or influencers, or the flashy gold ones. But, what about safeguarding your most valuable asset – your hands? The right scissors for others might not suit you, and those impressive gold ones might lack ergonomics. So, what's crucial in professional hair cutting scissors?

The primary consideration is usually the blade and its length.

Quality shears with razor-sharp blades are essential for precise cuts which is why we teamed up with Joewell, Japanese manufacturer of the best precision shears available, hand-finished by master craftspeople in Japan of the highest grade Japanese steel.

You'll delve into blade types like beveled, convex, and semi-convex, and ponder the need for serrated blades.

Thinning and texturizing shears add to the information overload since their teeth shape and style produce very different volumizing and texturizing results.

Before you get lost in the blade details, take a moment to explore different scissor handles. The right handle can save your hands and extend your career.

See here for how to select the right shears for you.

Why are handles so important? Hairstylists and barbers enjoy rewarding but physically demanding work that's as tough on their hands as standing all day is on their feet.

Long periods of cutting can lead to repetitive stress injuries affecting hands, wrists, elbows, and shoulders. Wrist pain is a common complaint.

This is where the right tools matter, especially for preventing conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome. The repetitive thumb motion while cutting hair can lead to swelling in the median nerve (carpal tunnel), causing pain, tingling, and weakness in hands. Severe cases may require surgery. It's crucial to research and find the handle that suits you.

Offset Handles:
The offset handle, despite its initial appearance, is popular due to its ergonomic benefits. Its slightly shorter thumb handle places the thumb closer to its natural position, reducing strain on the thumb tendon and preventing injuries. Additionally, raising the elbow slightly with the offset handle straightens the wrist, avoiding nerve compression and minimizing shoulder and back pain. The shorter thumb blade length facilitates faster, controlled movement, leading to better and quicker cuts.

Semi-Offset Handle:
The semi-offset handle, while different in appearance, feels great to use. Its angled design, along with the straight blade on top, places the thumb grip in line with the index finger, allowing a natural hand position. The ergonomic design encourages a lowered elbow, reducing wrist strain. Using the ring finger and thumb in cutting, the angle of the handle minimizes hand fatigue and wrist pressure. The crane handle's unique design improves cutting precision and comfort.

Classic (Opposing Grip Handles):
The classic handle, though less popular today, features symmetrical opposing grip handles. This design suits a thumb and middle finger cutting technique. However, the bent thumb angle can cause strain injuries and potentially lead to carpal tunnel over time. Some may find it comfortable, but it's crucial to be mindful of wrist and hand comfort.

Swivel shears, a newer addition, use cutting-edge technology to enhance handling. Despite their intimidating appearance, mastering the swivel can be transformative. The ergonomic design, allowing 360-degree movement of the thumb grip, protects wrists, elbows, and shoulders. Swivel shears maintain comfort, leading to extended pain-free work periods. These shears excel in texturizing and advanced cutting techniques, enabling precise cuts with reduced wrist strain.

The Choice:
Ultimately, the right handle depends on what feels best for you. For quality shears, it's advisable to try different handle options, including texturizing and thinning shears. Whether offset or swivel, you can't go wrong.



Many lower-cost scissors use cheaper materials like nickel in their shears.
Many people have nickel allergies or sensitivities so saving a little money by getting scissors with alloys that can harm them doesn't pay out.


Joewell's Handle Material:

- Uses Nickel-Less Stainless Steel: Nickel allergy resistant, and their hard material prevents them from becoming misshapen or getting scratches.

To find exactly the right Joewell performance scissors for you, answer a few questions here.

Prioritizing your health and well-being as a hair professional is essential. The industry continually evolves, offering improved tools for a long, successful, and satisfying career. Choose the handle that suits you best and enjoy a fulfilling career behind the chair, all while prioritizing your health.

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