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Introducing an Innovation in styling ergonomics: Joewell TN-55 and TN-60 from the new TONO Line

We're excited to unveil the latest additions to the Joewell performance scissors family - the TONO TN-55 Joewell Scissors and TN-60 Jowell Scissors, a part of the groundbreaking TONO series.

These shears are more than just tools; they're a leap forward in hairstyling precision and comfort.

The TONO series, a result of the collaboration between Joewell and the renowned product designer Sosuke Nakabo, is designed with your needs in mind. The ergonomic excellence of these shears is immediately evident with the innovative specially crafted cone-shaped finger ring.

This ingenious design ensures a secure, comfortable grip for your thumb, making your work not just easier but also more precise.

Skilled scissors artisans, working diligently in Japan, bring each pair to life.

Crafted with authenticity and passion, these shears bear the mark of superior craftsmanship. We at HairArt proudly source directly from Joewell Japan (Tokosha), guaranteeing the highest level of quality and an assured genuine product.

The TONO series represents a commitment to continuous innovation that's part of the Kaizen ethos of the best of Japanese manufacturing.

This pursuit of excellence drives Joewell and its parent company, Tokosha.

This drive is showcased in every aspect of these shears - from the blade specs to the ergonomic design. The 5.5" and 6.0" super alloy flat blades are tailored to meet the demands of hairstyling professionals, ensuring precise cuts every time.

One of the key features that sets the TONO series apart is the special finger hole design. This ergonomic feature is carefully integrated into each model, enhancing comfort and ease of use, ultimately empowering you to create stunning hairstyles without sacrificing your comfort.

The TONO series models, TN-55 and TN-60, come in the authentic Joewell style - with no color coating,  just pure functionality and performance.

HairArt believes in quality, and that's what you'll find in these shears.

The cost of these revolutionary shears is $495, a fair investment considering the exceptional craftsmanship, the innovation, and the years of superior hairstyling that these shears will facilitate.

However, given the limited annual production, we recommend securing your pair sooner rather than later as there's a 3 to 6 month waiting list as Joewell manufactures to order and hand finishes and checks each pair.

We're thrilled to introduce the TN-55 and TN-60 from the TONO line. These shears are more than just tools; they're a testament to our commitment to your success and comfort.

Elevate your hairstyling game with the TONO series - the future of hairstyling shears is here.

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