Make an account for ordering online

Hello valued HairArt Salon Clients.

You can now buy HairArt products at your salon level pricing online 24/7.

Here are the steps;

1. Make an account on our website here

2. email us at or use our web contact form to tell us to switch your web account on.

3. We will switch your account on, and email the address on the web account with a link to the special Salon member pricing online catalog which you will be able to view when you are logged into your account.

4. When logged in, you should be able to see your Salon level pricing for all the items we currently have on our website, and you can shop directly from there.

BONUS: We are also now offering the chance for all our salons to make 10% of online orders placed through a link they generate and give to customers. Please see the details about and sign up for our affiliate program here/




1. Please email immediately if there's a SKU without the correct salon level pricing available. 

2. If you aren't getting the correct price for case-pack orders, you can place the order and email us, we'll correct the amount before we capture funds.

3. The shipping charged online is base retail shipping, and special customers like you may need to pay shipping at the levels you have until now, in which case we'll send an invoice.